Time Ceram

Time Ceram is a leading and trustworthy export company that is dedicated to the supply of building materials. We also produce our own tile design material under the Omnia brand name. Our company has over 15 years of experience in this sector. Our office is located in Valencia, Spain.

Our company is driving its export growth constantly and expanding its reach to different countries across the world with traditional focus on the Middle East, Gulf Area and Africa. We are constantly finding new ways to enter into new geographical areas in order to increase exports.

We have been ahead of the competition due to vast knowledge of changes in demand in certain markets and are quick to adapt.

Time Ceram understands that excellence in customer service and unwavering quality standards ensure growth and success. The key to these goals is working with our clients and suppliers by delivering the right products at the right time. Time Ceram endeavors to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous innovation and delivering current trends to the customers at a competitive price. The company introduces exciting new concepts and designs that meet the evolving tastes of the customers in harmony with the current trends across the globe.

We have a qualified team that uses their maximum knowledge and skills in order to be flexible to each and every demand made by the customer. The ultimate reward is when our client is treated as a partner rather than a customer. This type of long-term relationship is developed over a period of years.

Our policy is to purchase directly from the factory in order to have no requirement for intermediate companies, so that we could offer very competitive prices without compromising the quality of the product.

Our mission is to set standards of tile design and offer quality of service in order to take the industry to new heights.